The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004)

Action / Animation / Science Fiction / Thriller • 35 minutes  6.6/10
Starring: Vin Diesel Rhiana Griffith Keith David Nick Chinlund Dwight Schultz and others.
Director: Peter Chung Screenplay: Brett Matthews
Released • June 15, 2004

After their narrow escape at the end of "Pitch Black," Riddick, Jack and the Imam find themselves at the mercy of a madwoman who intends to entomb Riddick forever as part of a twisted art exhibit. With little but a shiv and Riddick's innate viciousness to aid them, Riddick and his allies must find a way to escape from their captor and her band of mercenaries.

A.K.A. BR: As Crônicas De Riddick: Fúria Negra  CA: Riddick 2 - Dark Fury  DE: Riddick: Krieger der Finsternis  ES: Las crónicas de Riddick: Dark Fury  FR: Les Chroniques de Riddick : Dark fury  GB: The Chronicles Of Riddick - Dark Fury  PT: As Crônicas De Riddick: Fúria Negra  RU: Хроники Риддика: Темная ярость  UA: Хроніки Ріддіка Темна Злоба  US: The Chronicles of Riddick - Dark Fury 

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