Fist of the North Star (1986)

An epic assault on the senses!
Action / Animation / Drama / Science Fiction / Thriller • 110 minutes  7.3/10
Starring: Akira Kamiya Yuriko Yamamoto Kenji Utsumi Chikao Ohtsuka Toshio Furukawa Kaneto Shiozawa Tomiko Suzuki Teiyū Ichiryūsai and others.
Director: Toyoo Ashida Writer: Susumu Takaku
Released • March 8, 1986

A practitioner of the deadly martial art "Hokuto Shinken" allies with two children and an expert in "Nanto Suicho-Ken" to fight against the rivals who kidnapped his lover and threaten the prosperity of mankind.

A.K.A. ES: El puño de la Estrella del Norte  FR: Ken le survivant  IT: Ken Il Guerriero - Il Film  JP: Fist of the North Star Theatrical Version: Legend of the Century's End Savior  PT: Hokuto no Ken Movie  RU: 北斗の拳 : 世紀末救世主伝説  US: Fist of the North Star The Movie 

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