Detective Conan: Quarter of Silence (2011)

Action / Animation / Crime / Mystery • 109 minutes  6.7/10
Director: Kōbun Shizuno
Released • April 16, 2011

The Governor of Tokyo, Yuichiro Asakura, receives a threatening letter the day before the opening of Touto Line, a new train line for the Tokyo Metro. During the opening ceremony of the line, Conan Edogawa and the Detective Boys are driven by Professor Agasa and pass under the Touto Line. Conan, having heard about the threatening letter, notices explosives connected to the Touto railway; Using his original voice to inform the police as Shinichi Kudo, he is able to stop the train and divert traffic away from the explosives preventing any deaths.

A.K.A. AT: Film 15 - Die 15 Minuten der Stille  CN: Detective Conan 15 Meitantei Conan Chinmoku no kuôtâ  DE: Detektiv Conan: Die 15 Minuten der Stille  ES: Detective Conan 15: 15 minutos de silencio  FR: Détective Conan 15 - Les Quinze Minutes de silence  JP: Meitantei Conan: Chinmoku no kuôtâ  PT: 名探偵コナン 沈黙の15分(クォーター)  RU: 名探偵コナン 沈黙の15分(クォーター)  TW: 名偵探柯南:沉默的15分鐘  US: Detective Conan Movie 15 - Quarter of Silence 

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